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China Market

Asian Market Serving the Tri-Cities

MeeMee and Benson from China market continue to supply the residents of the tri-cities and southwest Virginia with a friendly Asian grocery store. Since they have started their location on Fort Henry Drive, they have been furnishing FREE ASIAN COOKING CLASSES and helping their customers to become more familiar with Asian spices.

The store has over 400 items of groceries and gifts from dry goods to Asian decorations. If you need help to make that favorite Asian dish, donít hesitate to stop by their new store at 500 Taff Pointe, off Union Street, any of their employees would gladly help you in choosing the ingredients you need.

Asian Food Selection

Currently, our market carries over four hundred products, including FRESH ASIAN VEGETABLES delivered to us every Friday afternoon. We also have a good frozen selection offering seafood, Asian appetizers, and Asian breakfast.

We work with a diverse selection of vendors and are able to accommodate customers interested in Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Taiwanese, Chinese, and Cantonese groceries. If you are looking for a specific product, stop by our store and let us help you find what you are looking for.